Our Team

People are the Power Behind our Prowess

Our Team defines ESP Support and the Solutions we push to our Clients. Everyone under our roof understands that we need the Team in order to live up to our Clients expectations, and even more importantly – the standards we put on ourselves.

Below is a list of the Management Team and you can feel free to contact any of us directly, at anytime:

Christy Harmon

Manager of Client Services

Christy started at ESP as a Client Service representative, moved into Conversions, Conversion Lead and is now leading the amazing people in the client services arena. As the Manager of Client Services Christy makes sure that we are staffed and prepared for what might be on the horizon. Christy is extremely organized and oriented in a direction to please our Clients, we can't say enough about her work and dedication to ESP and the Credit Unions we serve.

Joyce Gibson

Manager of Operations

You know that comforting feeling you get when you arrive at the office knowing that all your transmissions, from all your vendors; have been updated and your members money is safe and sound. That feeling can be attributed to Joyce and her Team of Operators that are diligently doing their job when you are sleeping (and during the day of course)! Joyce has been a staple to the commitment and dedication to our clients since 1996.

Brandon Frisch

Print Services

Since 2004, Brandon and his Team are reminding you to sign-off, processing your marketing requests, printing statements, sorting, folding, inserting, CASS certifying and driving our old van to the Post Office to make sure your members receive their statements. All this while ensuring our building is looking up to snuff in the event you make a surprise visit (which we welcome)! A great guy to work with and hang out with, he will rarely turn you down for a round of golf or a craft beer...rarely!

Rob Murray

Controller / Vice President

Every company needs to have a Sheriff when it comes to the books, well Rob is our guy. Focused on ensuring that we are doing the right thing financially so that we can continue to employ and serve is Rob’s primary function. A function in which he does wonderfully, after all; we are employing and serving! Since 2000, Rob has worn many hats here at ESP, and the hat of Controller (Vice President) is fitting real nice.

Matt Lefler

Remover of Road Blocks / Vice President

Not every business has a Swiss Army knife in the form of a person, we do. Matt started with ESP in 2000 as a Sales Rep, through shear dedication to learn and willingness to do what is needed he is now representing ESP as the Remover of Road Blocks (Vice President). Matt is the model representative for a company that places the highest of all importance on Client Satisfaction. From Sales to Managing B2B relationships, Matt is our Swiss Army knife and more importantly he is your Remover of Road Blocks.

Shaun Murray

Chief Elbow Rubber / President

Odds are good that you have met Shaun. Since 1996 he has been traveling around to Client sites and spreading the good word about ESP. Starting in Operations and working through multiple departments allows for a perspective that helps the Clients and ESP Staff when deploying or developing new solutions. If you are looking for dedication and willingness to ensure a solid and fruitful partnership for years to come, look no further than ESP; Shaun is committed to ESP and Clients for the long haul!