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2017 Costume Contest

Yearly at ESP we hold a costume contest on Halloween.  Check out our employees that dressed up for the occasion.

This year’s winner with an impressive margin was Shaq! Be sure to click on the photos to zoom in.

Top Three

Shaq – 1st Place

Brandon – 2nd Place

Kyle – 3rd Place

Honorable Mention



Franken-Guac – Tastiest

Talk Like a Pirate Day

(L to R) Shaq: Kyle

Ahoy Matey! International Talk Like a Pirate Day conjures up visions of wooden legs, cannonballs, and Johnny Depp. Who doesn’t love a good holiday, especially one involving salty accents and eye patches. Here at ESP we like to celebrate just about everything, and International Talk Like a Pirate Day is no exception.  We encourage employee participation in a variety of extra-curricular activities to build relationships and keep morale high (National Margarita Day is a favorite around here, but that’s another blog for another day). Our participants in the festivities this year embodied the pirate spirit and created a fun atmosphere for all.

Our very own resident pirate, Kyle, showed up for the occasion in breeches and blouse. Always full of antics, he enjoys lightening the mood in the office whenever he can. Most days, he goes out of his way to make people laugh, and eye rolls are more common than not.  If you ask him about a pirate’s favorite credit union, in his saltiest voice he will tell you “Arrrrrbuckle!”

Senior Programmer Sean branded his own style for the holiday. Donning a dark blue t-shirt and jeans, he intently focused on his current collaboration project without missing a beat. When asked about his thoughts on International Talk Like a Pirate Day, he stated, “I’m a software pirate, we look like everyone else.”

Shaq is the newest employee to join our team and his sense of pirate fashion was right on point. In a last minute upset, Shaq sent Kyle to ‘dance the hempen jig’ and ultimately filled the role of ESP’s Salty Sea Bass o’ the Year. Shaq humbly accepted the trophy with these words –

“I don’t know what I did to deserve this award but I will cherish it for the next 365 days until a new challenger approaches. I take this, not as a victory for me, but for pirates all around the world (outside of Somali, that is, those guys are wild)! I want to thank my loyal fans, my mom for always letting my Pirate side flourish, all of the places I’ve plundered for booty, and last but not least, my glorious ship mates(that’s you guys) for riding these waves with me! As a good pirate I look up to once told me “Not all treasure is silver and gold” so thanks for being a part of my treasure!”



Three CUs Renew With ESP


Three CUs Renew With ESP

Spokane Valley, WA – 07/24/2017 – ESP is proud to announce that three credit unions have agreed to renew their core processing contracts already this year. Rockford Bell Credit Union, Toledo Postal Employees Credit Union, and Cottonwood Community Federal Credit Union have chosen to continue serving their members on the FORZA3™ platform.

Rockford Bell Credit Union of Loves Park, IL was organized in 1935 by employees of Illinois Bell Telephone Company. They prospered for many years with their commitment to community support. In the 1980s, after the breakup of Bell Telephone, Rockford Bell Credit Union began to accept other employee groups.

With assets of $30,000,000 and over 4,300 members, Rockford Bell CU serves eight counties in northwestern Illinois and over thirty-five different employee groups. They operate two full-time locations at Loves Park and Mt. Morris. ESP, Inc. has been providing core processing services since 2004.

Toledo Postal Employees Credit Union was formed in 1932, strictly for postal employees living in Toledo, OH. In subsequent years, the credit union was opened to all classified postal employees in zip codes surrounding Toledo and later to include family members.

1,100 members currently access their single branch inside the Toledo Post Office. They have been a client of ESP since 1996.

Cottonwood Community Federal Credit Union Cottonwood, ID was organized in 1942 so that the community could save together and provide low-cost loans to credit union members. They now serve all of Idaho and Lewis Counties providing service to low-income areas and people without adequate access to credit union services.

The credit union consists of 4,600 members with $78,000,000 in assets. Members receive service at three branch locations in the West Central portion of the state. They have been a client of ESP since 2012.

ESP is honored by these credit union’s continued partnership and will serve them long into the future.

About ESP, Inc.

ESP, Inc. is a provider of customer-centered core processing and technology solutions strictly for credit unions. Our solutions are designed to accomplish three main goals – to grow your credit union, to make your staff more efficient, and to empower your members. We accomplish this through our powerful FORZA3™ core processing software. Learn more at

Press Contact

John Demke
Marketing Guru

ESP Expands Sig Pad Solutions

ESP is currently developing drivers to integrate new signature pads into the FORZA3™ core processing platform. Our clients have requested that we build this functionality to give them more flexibility in their options.

Recent technology advancements in signature pad hardware and design are precipitating this development. Modern “sig pads” can incorporate color displays, hardened glass writing surfaces, and advanced security measures.

New pads that we are coding for include the Wacom STU-530 and the Topaz T-LBK57GC and T-S460 models.

Wacom STU-530

Topaz T-LBK57GC

Topaz T-S460

Jeff Tartt, an ESP developer on this project, was enthusiastic about coding this solution and offering more functionality to our clients. Our newest clients want to use their existing sig pads and we were more than willing to fulfill their request.

“Working on hardware solutions is great. Our clients requested that they have more options with their sig pad choices. We were all onboard for accommodating their wishes.” — Jeff Tartt

Demo of the Wacom STU-530

Demo of the Wacom STU-530

The drivers for these new signature pads are planned to be available for our next update of FORZA3™. Look for them in the near future.

If you’d like to know more about the signature pads available, please feel free to call us and ask for Sales at 800-456-5750.

Email and Sign Documents: who should you use?

We receive a lot of calls where we discuss with credit unions the ins and outs of electronically sending documents to its members to sign. At ESP, we like DocuSign® – so much, in fact, that we use it here in our office.

We know there are several options in vendors out there and there are many good ones. So, the short answer to the question posed in this title is simple – choose what solutions work best for your needs. If you are still researching vendors, here is some food for thought:

  • Are you looking to have documents signed by members? If so, get DocuSign®. It has become the industry standard for electronic contracts. The app is simply great. There is an extension for Chrome that provides useful functionality and the print driver works really well too. We’ve carefully examined other solutions, but we keep coming back to this one.
  • Do you want to have loan documents signed remotely? Preparing and transmitting loan docs couldn’t be easier. First, create your loan docs in FORZA. Next, generate your loan docs, they will pop in as PDFs. Then choose to print them by selecting the “Print to DocuSign” as your printer and the documents will open up in DocuSign. You will then enter the member’s email and name, choose the signing order, place fields and send away. Both parties will receive originals for their records. It’s a pretty slick system.

As a member, it is convenient, it works and the UI is very pleasing. As a technology provider, we seek to integrate only those solutions that will add value to the end user. DocuSign® does just that. We suggest our clients implement it. Think of your members, I assure you they want electronic document signing.

To learn more about DocuSign® please check out their flyer Top 10 Reasons Why Financial Services Companies Choose DocuSign. As for sending and receiving documents securely, we have a great solution for that – Sync&Share. And at $9 a month, I will tell you that our solution for document sharing is the cat’s meow.


Shaun Murray
Chief Elbow Rubber @ ESP, Inc.

ESP Joins Connections Training

ESP had the pleasure to participate in Connections Credit Union’s Annual All-Staff Training.  Approximately 60 staff members attended the training in Twin Falls, ID.

ESP Client Services staffers Christy Harmon and Lexi Szabo presented training in breakout sessions on Teller Processing and Loan Management. Course content included helpful tricks and tips to get the most out of ESP’s core processing platform, FORZA3™.


Lexi Szabo addresses questions at Connections Credit Union's Annual All-Staff Training.

Lexi Szabo addresses questions at Connections Credit Union’s Annual All-Staff Training.

Szabo, a Client Services Representative, spends a majority of her time here in Spokane answering customer service calls for our clients. She connects frequently with our client credit unions via phone where she finds answers to their questions about the implementation of FORZA3™.


It’s great connecting to our clients! It’s nice for them to put a face to an ESP employee. – Lexi Szabo

As a part of this training, Connections CU also gave ESP vital feedback on its products and services. We will be efforting these new solutions in the near future for all of our credit union clients.

ESP Promotes Computer Science

(L) ESP’s Matt Lefler relates the importance of computer science to Career Rodeo attendees.

ESP had the privilege to participate in the Cheney Public School Career Rodeo in Cheney, WA. The purpose of the Rodeo was to encourage K-12 students to explore careers and to raise awareness about the importance of college and career opportunities. Students toured Snowdon Elementary School and visited various businesses that demonstrated career opportunities in fields such as law enforcement, healthcare, and personal finance.

(Second from R) ESP’s Matt Lefler indicates the server to attendees of the Career Rodeo.

ESP’s presentation showed students the available careers in computer science. Careers highlighted were: software developer, system administrator, and IT security. To demonstrate the integration of application programming and information technology we created a local server and two workstations to play the wildly popular video game Minecraft.

[Minecraft] enable players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D procedurally generated world. Other activities in the game include exploration, resource gathering, crafting, and combat. – Wikipedia

A student gets some time on ESP’s Minecraft configuration.

ESP’s swag for the Career Rodeo.

Many students stopped by our classroom to explore the possibility of pursuing a career in computing. Quite a few Minecraft fans made their way to our demonstration too. They were not only interested in getting some playing time but in learning about how important computer science is to building and supporting their favorite video game.

Swag was also part of our participation. We created custom decals promoting computer science based on the game with the slogan “dig deeper with computer science”. We also passed out our smiley face neoprene coasters.

We actually have a few decals left, if you are interested in putting one on these fun stickers on your favorite Pee Chee please drop us and email at More photos are available on our Flickr account.

13 Years for Rogers at ESP

ESP has a track record of retaining quality employees for long periods, Shelly Rogers is no exception. This March marks her thirteenth year in ESP’s Client Services department.

“What empowers me is when a project is completed and the client is overjoyed with the result.” – Shelly Rogers

Shelly’s duties as a Client Services Specialist include: training Client Services Representatives, running conversions, handling client requests, mapping forms, writing documentation and working with ESP’s Programming department to expedite client requests. Currently she is working on multiple core conversions.

“My goals are to make sure clients have a good experience and good relationship with ESP as a whole. At the end of the day they are happy with choosing us as their core processing partner.” – Shelly Rogers

In the future, Shelly looks forward to continuing to work with clients to provide solutions that will make their credit unions more efficient. She stated “It’s a pleasure knowing that credit unions trust me to get them what they need.”

Wolfley Marks 11 Years at ESP

This month Kyle Wolfley marks his eleventh year at ESP. Currently, Kyle works as Manager of Special Operations where he helps deploy new solutions to ESP clients and works with third-party vendors to bring new solutions to the FORZA3™ core processing platform.

In his role Kyle particularly likes working closely with clients to extend their cutting-edge services to their members.

“Everyday is a new day. I get to provide solutions to credit unions who might not know there is something out there. I also might be able to provide an easy way for them to deploy a new solution to benefit their members.” – Kyle Wolfley

In a former life, Kyle was a credit union teller here in Spokane, WA. At Spokane City Credit Union he did everything from running around and getting mail to dropping off data tapes at their core processor which just happened to be ESP.

Looking back on his tenure at ESP what he enjoys most is developing strong relationships with clients. He has had the opportunity to build bonds with many customers and relishes the time he gets to spend with them in person. Kyle takes immense pride in applying his experience and technical expertise in helping ESP clients.

“The little things can often make someone’s day. Often by showing our clients very simple workflow processes I can help take a bit of stress off of their plate. To be able to provide that is sweet!” – Kyle Wolfley

In the near future, Kyle is looking forward to revealing the new ESP Mobile App to clients.  This app has been developed strictly in-house and is built to pass along a truly intuitive member experience. Our mobile banking app will be available soon and expect Kyle to extensively help you its deployment in the future.

Packers Ticket Winners Enjoy Postseason Win

Last week, ESP was excited to draw six NFL tickets for the Green Bay Packers vs. New York Giants game at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin that was played on Sunday January 8, 2017. We drew from among our fourteen Wisconsin credit union clients.

We were very happy to say that Northern Paper Mills CU (Green Bay), Marathon County Empl. CU (Wausau) and Tomah Area CU (Tomah) were the lucky winners. The lucky recipients braved the 5° F cold to cheer on their loved Packers! Us here in Spokane are pretty sure the Packer fans are immune to cold weather.

We were happy to receive photos from our clients and it sure looked like they were having a blast. After all, the Packers whooped on the Giants 38 to 13. The next round will pair the underdog Packers against the Cowboys on January 15th in Dallas.

Since we have wonderful partner credit unions in both Wisconsin and Texas, we look forward to watching the best team win (and will not take a side)!!!