Happy Holidays from ESP

Your Team at ESP, Inc.

Happy Holidays, from the President

Dear Clients,

As 2015 comes to an end, I would like to thank you for your continued trust and support. There is not a day that goes by when we are not trying to make your experience with FORZA3™ or your interaction with Support the best it can be. I had the opportunity to visit 27 of you this year and I enjoyed every minute. Next year will be another great year of travel, I look forward to seeing you. We are guided by our Vision, to reiterate, our vision at ESP is:

“To be the most trusted and admired Core Processor

in the industry”

2015 has proven to be a great year of accomplishments for ESP. We are guided by the “trusted” and “admired” in all we do. My in-person meetings and phone conversations have left me humbled and honored to have such a wonderful team here at ESP. We have solidified all 17 of our contract renewals at an average term of 6.3 years. That means we are consistent in supplying you with the quality service and solutions you have come to expect.

Truly, we do not measure how “trusted” and “admired” we are in the industry strictly by the number of credit unions using FORZA3™. A more accurate yardstick for evaluating our efforts in these two areas is by our renewals. A more common term for credit unions to renew their core processor is about five years. The better we do our job in providing credit union solutions, the more often credit unions renew their contracts and for longer periods of time.  At ESP, our evaluation of our customer service practices is a constant and ever-evolving process.  My conversations with clients and potential clients assures me that we are most definitely exceeding expectations.

We are also immediately reinvesting the dollars from these contract renewals into increased capacity to provide customer service. This includes adding more team members (5 in the past 6 months) and were also investing in software and hardware to keep us at the forefront in development.

I have been working hard to build a team and a client base that wants to work and grow together through commitment, hard work and understanding. I am confident we have reached that pinnacle. We are now going to be able to achieve even more than before.

When looking for potential new clients, I look for credit unions that are committed to this collaborative process. I don’t look to solely fill the bottom line and max out our conversion calendar. We provide service from a personal perspective and we are invested in ensuring that you, your staff and your members are growing and enjoying experience. While partnered with us, our clients have experienced an average of 33% growth in accounts, 98% growth in assets and 83% growth in loan portfolio. We are proud of these numbers and look forward to working with you to make them even better – let’s get to 100% on all of them!

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” — Maya Angelo

September of 2016 will bring us to our 20th year in business. Although it’s a big accomplishment for us, we still have a lot we want to do. We are young and committed to providing a superior product and outstanding customer service. We plan to be a big part of your credit union’s success for 20 more years. I am excited to celebrate this milestone with you in Spokane on September 19-22 at our Client Conference. Start planning now! Stay tuned for more information next year.

It is truly an exciting time at ESP, thanks to you.

Shaun Murray - President ESP, Inc.
Shaun Murray
ESP, Inc.
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