100% Renewal

Not only 100% renewals, but at an average of 6.8 years. Yes, 6.8 years. It is hard to find out how to measure yourself as a data processor, but we think renewals is a big part of that. A balancing act of not losing site of your current clients while courting new ones.  We are not perfect, we know that, but in the end our clients trust us to do the right thing by them.

A Person or a Machine?

It still amazes us that “personal” is slowly being removed from Customer Service. Not in our house! When you call, you get someone, no matter what day or time of day. No voicemail and a call back time at 30 minutes, you can be sure that you are heard – immediately. If you find that this level of Customer Service is not being met, you can contact our President, Shaun Murray at (509) 944-3167. Yup, that’s how serious we take it!

Pride in our ability and knowledge.

There are few things that are certain in life, but surrounding yourself with people you believe in almost always lands in success. We take pride in our knowledge of the credit union industry and our willingness to continue to learn. Hiring lovely people with credit union experience happens more often than not, but hiring caring people that want to make sure you are being taken care of – that happens each and every time. This is contagious and we are confident that believing in those around us results in better support.

Talk with Staff for 8.33 years!

Although we are not referencing staying on the phone with an ESP representative for a long time, you certainly can. We hear all the time that a Credit Union has a “new rep” to work with, there is a level of uncertainty there; especially when it is a support representative. We know we are not perfect and not everything for everyone, but we are confident that you will have many years to work with people at ESP. On average, right now, an employee is staying at ESP for 8.33 years. Holy cow, and that is even taking into consideration the 4 that have been hired within the last year. If you want personal service, come on over.

Control your growth, make the right partnerships.

A lot of companies preach this model, but we are living it. According to the really smart numbers people here, we have found that no more than 6 Conversions per year is our Sweet Spot for superior Client Support, smooth Conversion and Post-Conversion Support. We have turned down some business to adhere to this principal, we want to retain and exceed Client expectations while earning new business. In order to do this, there also has to be a level of understanding during the “courting period”. We are very honest and straight forward during the due diligence process so that you know what you are partnering with, we look for the same. We want partners, not payers.

A visit from the Chief Elbow Rubber

There is not one potential Client that the resident Chief Elbow Rubber (A.K.A. President) does not visit. You need to know him and he needs to understand you, to start on the right foot we find this to be very important for both parties. This is about starting off on the right foot, putting a face to a name, that means something to us!