Mobile Deposit Ready

We are excited to announce a new solution for Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)!

Our wonderful clients in Texas put us in contact with Flite Banking Centers, LLC or Flite ( and one of their solutions called SnapCheck (see video here). Our collaboration on this project with Flite has been fantastic. Together we have been able to build a solution that creates a streamlined approach to Mobile Deposit and retains the existing functionality of the ESP Mobile Banking product.


More Information

Note: This solution requires the download of the SnapCheck App. Once the app is downloaded we have built a Single-Sign solution from within our Mobile Banking solution.

The screen shot below shows the SnapCheck link from the home page of Mobile Banking. When the member clicks on the SnapCheck link, the app will open.

The image below is the SnapCheck home page. This appears after the member clicks the link in the above image.


“We are extremely excited to offer up another solution for our Clients; Flite is our 50th partner.  Adding partners like SnapCheck enables our Credit Unions to pick the best vendor for their needs and ensures objectives can met on time and on budget.  We wanted an RDC solution for our Mobile Banking (Web App) solution and now we have one with SnapCheck, this is very exciting,” mentioned Matt Lefler, ESP’s Remover of Road Blocks.

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