Should I Upgrade to Windows 10?

Should I upgrage to Windows 10

Windows 10: Should I upgrade?

We ran into this article on the Credit Union Times website: Windows 10: Should Credit Unions Upgrade or Not? and it prompted us to give you with a definite answer. We suggest you read the entire article, it contains great information.

And the answer is…

Yes you can. You can update to Windows 10… but we do not suggest upgrading just yet. We actually have a few clients running Windows 10 right now.

We have not been able to test all FORZA3screens on the Windows 10 operating system as of yet. We will be accomplishing this in the near future. If you choose to go with Windows 10, please call us in the event that you have a screen issue.

We don’t suggest it.

It’s common knowledge that jumping head-first into a new operating system, in a business setting, is not a good move. New releases of operating systems are finicky and generally require a large amount of “fixes” before they are ready for the masses. The choice is yours, but we suggest waiting for at least a year before you consider upgrading to ANY new operating system.


It all comes down to drivers. All of your peripherals, such as printers, scanners, and signature pads have drivers loaded on them. These drivers are built to work with a specific operating system. Therefore, when upgrading your operating system you will need to upgrade all the drivers, for all devices. Before doing this, please check with Technical Services (800-456-5750) to confirm that we have tested your hardware and is properly functioning on Windows 10.