SMS/Text Messaging from FORZA

That is right, SMS/Text Messaging from FORZA3™ (the Core) directly to your member’s mobile Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 3.36.09 PM
device. You can build this one-way communication to accommodate a variety of needs, adding another great tool for our Clients!

Potential Usage:

  • One-way communication to your members, for security.
  • Alert members of office closures.
  • Fraud alerts.

Easy Management:

  • Managed within FORZA3.
  • Upload mobile numbers from a CSV file, from a marketing email program for example.
  • Have multiple “groups” based on different criteria.
  • Manage multiple campaigns at one time.
  • Build a list for campaigns using existing FORZA3™ data.

“One of our brilliantly talented Developers (Kellie Sullivan) took this “idea” and ran with it. We saw the need for an Alert type notification with all of the weather closures and other sort of impromptu moments that could affect members. Kellie took a form of that and decided that building a tool for Marketing purposes would be even better. We agreed! Now our Clients can build Campaigns and use them for whatever they would like, while being able to manage these Campaigns within FORZA3™ – it’s brilliant and useful”, said Shaun Murray the Chief Elbow Rubber @ ESP, Inc. said. “And even better yet, Kellie built this solution so that we can offer it virtually free”, Shaun continued.

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