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Now Available :: Email Receipts

Set it up!

Extremely quick and easy to set-up. All you need to do is navigate to:

“System (F7) > Credit Union > Teller Area Configuration”

Then, choose Receipt Options on the General tab, click Prompt for Email Receipts.

When this box is checked, receipts can be emailed to the member. Upon posting a transaction that produces a receipt, a box will pop up asking “Would you like to email a copy of this receipt to the member?” If “Yes” is clicked on, an “Email Receipt to Member” box will pop up, with the primary member’s email defaulted in the “Email Address” box. If this email address is changed, the user will have the ability to update the address on the primary member’s contact tab. If Yes is clicked to change the member’s email, the user will be prompted to complete the Red Flag information. The receipt will be emailed to the address indicated, coming from the “General E-Mail Remitter Name” configured in the “Outbound Email Configuration” in Web Admin.


So you can go to the Apple Store, Home Depot, etc. and have your receipt e-mailed to you. Why wouldn’t your members expect the same from their Credit Union?

They Do.


It’s FREE.

So we took a look, leveraged our existing functionality and built a solution that your members will appreciate. Not to mention, our Clients will save even more money by not printing the members receipt.

Central Management

Another Member/CU centric solution that ALL Clients can use. It is managed from FORZA, configured within FORZA and sent from FORZA. Oh yes, and all imaged with your Database.

NO Hardware to Manage = Saving Time and Money. 

“This is another one of those solutions for 2014 that our Team worked together on and put forth their best effort. Solutions like SMS/Text Messaging from FORZA and Email Receipts are just a couple of the solutions that we built this year; while still maintaining other solutions and earning 100% Support Satisfaction. I cannot be prouder of our Team and what is being produced. Credit Unions that are looking at us have an appreciation for quality solutions, service and flexibility that we can provide. We were one of, if not, the first “one-stop” shop for all a Credit Unions needs. The level of awareness in finding a true PARTNER has risen. We will be here to fill that need”, said Shaun Murray the President at ESP, Inc.

We should host your email

We are like a broken record on how great our Hosted Email service is, so we asked one of the latest adopters to jot down a few words. We rolled out a Hosted Exchange environment for our Clients as an additional service, so read on; Jerrod is going to share some of his words of wisdom.

Jerrod Wilson, Information Security Officer at Meadville Area FCU (Meadville, PA)

We chose to make the conversion to hosted Exchange with ESP last year.  Since we have made the switch we have had nothing but an excellent experience with the product.

At the time, I was pricing out how much an in-house Exchange environment would cost the Meadville Area Federal Credit Union to deploy.  After final review of everything that was necessary, the Exchange Server, licenses, man hours, deployment and so forth, going with ESP’s hosted environment was a no brainer.  The extremely low cost that ESP offers for the service and the reliability is unbelievable.

The deployment of the product was very simple and took very little time and effort.  Working with the experienced team at ESP we converted all email addresses, including our mobile devices, over to the hosted environment within a week with no problems.

Having the hosted Exchange gives our team the ability to be more mobile and accessible to all members of our staff.  One part of the product that has become an integral part of business is the calendar sharing feature.  Now all members of the staff can view and schedule appointments for our loan officers or other members of the staff.  They can then set up an alert to contact the staff member, via computer and mobile device, notifying them of all the details of their upcoming appointment.

Switching to the hosted Exchange product from ESP has saved us time and money while also giving us added features that have become essential to us doing business.  I would highly recommend this service to all current clients of ESP.

Give us a shout at sales@espsolution.net and we can provide you with a fancy sheet that will outline everything you need to know!