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Green Bay Packer Ticket Giveaway

We are excited to give away 6 tickets to the Packers Game on January 8th at 15:40 CST.

We put all Wisconsin credit unions into a hat and drew 3 at random.  Each credit union will receive 2 tickets.  We wish we all could be there with you, but have a blast anyway.

For 3 of you…it is your lucky day!  To see who that is, you are going to have to drag yourself through a 3 minute video.  Of course, it was going to be as easy as reading it on the site; silly you!

Perfect, almost!

If you have met us, browsed our site or asked around; you surely know that we very much value the partnership between our clients and our staff. There is no better testament to how you are doing than reviewing the Contract Renewals.

Over the past 5 years we have retained all but 1 client. Unfortunately that client was acquired, these things happen. Why are we telling you this?

“I often field the question, “How many clients have you added in the last 2 years. Or, how many clients over $500M do you service”. Both questions are perplexing. I think the better questions in these scenarios are, “How many clients chose to leave, can I call them. And, what can you do for a $500M credit union that you cannot for a $10M credit union, or vice versa”, Shaun Murray, Chief Elbow Rubber @ ESP, Inc.

How many clients chose to leave ESP in the last 5 years, ZERO. Yes, I would think that represents what is really looking to be answered. Rather than, we signed 7 last year; but I am not going to tell you about the 10 we lost. We sign clients to keep clients, not to ride it out for 5 years and “see what happens”.

We don’t operate in tiers, we are not focused in one size credit union or another. We built a Core Product around a flexible, scalable database to accommodate growth and ensure interoperability with other systems; movement without limitation.  Accommodate great growth and flexibility. Our solutions are not built in a bubble and then pushed out to those that “can afford it”. Guess who that leaves behind… Instead, we take great strides in ensuring that our solutions are built to accommodate all sizes in functionality and price. There is no secret here, no DP started with a $500M+ credit union, they acquired them through a solution upgrade or better yet, someone took that step and said “I think they can accomodate me and I trust that”. I would say the latter is more likely.

“All of our clients have been through at least one contract renewal and I would put our retention rate up against anyone. Simply put, I believe in what we do, my staff and our goals and am confident in saying that our clients do too”.

Happy Holiday’s and Thank You!

On behalf of everyone on your Team at ESP, I would like to say Happy Holiday’s and Thank You.

2014 is fast becoming the past, I will look back on it with a smile on my face. But anxiously awaiting 2015, like when I was a little boy sitting by the Christmas Tree hoping that the next gift was going to be a motorcycle or something and somehow Santa was able to fit it in a box that was surely holding shoes!

For 18-years I have had the opportunity to work with wonderful people here at ESP. Have you ever experienced that sense of comfort where you know whatever may come your way you have people behind you that will help you with whatever it is? Not only that, but they will do it with a smile and to the absolute best of their ability with the betterment of everyone in mind! 2014 has allowed me to feel what that is like and it is quite spectacular. Everything we do has you at the front of our mind and even though we don’t always do everything right, I hope you know that we are always trying to be that perfect partner for you and your Credit Union. We do our best to calculate how to not, or at least minimally, impact you and your members. We will continue to work together to ensure that we are meeting your expectations. Things like our Customer Support Survey are extremely important in that growth.

To all our Clients,  I say thank you. Thank you for the commitment you show us on a daily basis and thank you for your business. I have had the opportunity to work with most of you for over 18-years, yes, it has been that long. To those that have joined us recently, I look forward to showing you why ESP is a “partner” and not just a “vendor”.

I wish you and your Family all the best this Holiday Season, and look forward to a wonderful 2015. We have many wonderful things in the works and I am busting at the seams (could be the treats from Golden Triangle FCU) in waiting till the New Year to share them with you.

Cheers and be Merry.