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ADA Compliance Unicorn

Do you feel like you need an ADA Compliant site?

I have received a lot of calls lately on making public websites ADA Compliant. I am sure that number will shoot up after this email I received this morning – ADA Lawsuits Against CUs Spike in December. No matter how frustrated and (to be frank) ticked off this makes me, it is here. There are currently no guidelines to follow, so I feel your pain. But good news, I believe I have found the unicorn of credit union web developers!

As I have discussed in a previous email, ADA Compliance, there are options but are often too expensive of an investment right now for many of you. One option that was not included in the email is OMNICOMMANDER. I believe it is the best solution and it is a fraction of the investment of competing developers.

I’m excited to introduce OMNICOMMANDER, “the credit union industry’s first website platform that is exclusively focused on design and ensures every touch-point will have the exact same user interface”. They will rebuild your site in full ADA Compliance. Not only that, they will continually test your site to make sure it is in compliance into the future.

OMNICOMMANDER’s 4-Step Process:

Step 1. Our developers have gone through extensive ADA training and are experts in building sites to be accessible to those with vision, hearing, cognitive impairments.

Step 2. We have a full time ADA Compliance Officer. James Harrington is a Member of the IAAP (International Associating of Accessibility Professionals.) He has “Advanced Web Accessibility Training ” classes and attends ADA Compliance Meetings in specific regard to Credit Unions.

Step 3. SSG (Retired) Aaron Hale is a 14 year veteran of both the Navy and Army. He deployed once to Iraq and it was on his second mission to Afghanistan where his career as as Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) Team Leader ended. An Improvised Explosive Device (IED) exploded in front of Aaron, severely wounding him and taking his eyesight.

Before going live with a new website, Aaron goes through every page utilizing assistive technologies to ensure that it is accessible for those individuals with vision impairments. The ONLY way that you can ensure that you website is accessible is by going through it manually. Scanners can produce false positives and false negatives. This is the reason the latest standards in accessibility (WCAG2.1) include manual reviews.

Step 4. We have partnered with an independent 3rd party to provide a certificate of accessibility. Through this partnership, we have secured a discounted certification process that at the end of the engagement will result in a letter of accessibility that can be posted on the credit union’s website.


Getting Started:

You want to know more, please contact ESP Sales at sales@espsolution.net and we will have an OMNICOMMANDER representative contact you with more details.

  • We simply did the legwork to find you another solution. We are not involved in the process and no billing goes through us.
  • You will work out the build cost with OMNICOMMANDER.
  • OMNICOMMANDER will host your new site, extremely reasonably. (This allows them greater flexibility when comes time to address your ADA Compliance.)

As you can tell, I am overly excited about this solution. I have been fielding as many calls on this as I did with MFA (which oddly enough, did not have an initial guideline either). We will always hunt down solutions for you, even when we are not primarily involved. I think that is important for our partnership. You can rely on us to have an “ear to the ground” on emergent technology issues and I intend to live up to that expectation.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

New Website for NPM Credit Union


New Website for Northern Paper Mills Credit Union

Spokane Valley, WA – 07/21/2016 – Northern Paper Mills Credit Union (NPM Credit Union) of Green Bay, Wisconsin recently launched a new website to extend greater functionality to its members.

Serving 2,200 members in Brown County, NPM Credit Union sought a new website design that would empower its members particularly with emerging mobile technology. They have been in operation since 1933 originally serving employees of Northern Paper Mills. Their previous design had become old and outdated and needed an update.

A lot has changed since NPM Credit Union was founded over 80 years ago. To keep up with shifting demographics, membership has evolved to be open to anyone living or working in Brown County, Wisconsin.

Credit union president Maureen Bartley said of the new site, “it’s dynamic and adjusts to whatever device you use it on.”  Also she stated, “it’s convenient for anyone, anywhere.”

NPM Credit Union worked with an ESP third-party design firm, FDGweb out of Arlington, Washington. Their new site is built on the powerful but easy to use WordPress content management system. ESP provides web hosting of the site as a part of their service contract.

We are always thinking of what we can offer in terms of technology. It’s all about technology. Our resources are being dedicated in that direction. There’s a big push to attract young members. A powerful, new website is one way to do that. – Maureen Bartley

This new site will be a great platform to add new functionality well into the future. NPM Credit Union will soon be offering Remote Deposit Capture and is researching other solutions.

Please visit their site at: npmcu.com.

About ESP, Inc.

ESP, Inc. is a provider of customer-centered core processing and technology solutions strictly for credit unions. Our solutions are designed to accomplish three main goals – to grow your credit union, to make your staff more efficient, and to empower your members. We accomplish this through our powerful FORZA core processing software. Learn more at www.espsolution.net.

Press Contact

John Demke
Marketing Guru

Bay Shore CU Launches New Website


Bay Shore CU Launches New Website

Spokane Valley, WA – 06/28/2016 – Bay Shore Credit Union of Marinette, Wisconsin, launched a new website. Their modern, responsive site is built on the WordPress content management system which allows users to easily publish content without programming experience.

This new site replaces one that had been around for many years. The previous site cost them considerable expense in development and also in periodic updates. Their new in-house publishing workflow will give them flexibility to post content on a moment’s notice without the hassle and delay of going through a third party.

President Vicki Carviou launched the site last week and has been satisfied with its ease-of-use:

If we want to make a change, spur of the moment, I can just go into [WordPress] right then and make that change. The old one had been out there so long it needed to be updated and freshened up. Just switching the whole thing up was the right move. – Vicki Carviou

Generally, with the launch of a new website exiting users go through a short learning process to find the content and functionality that existed on the previous site. To her and her team’s credit, she has not received a single call from members about navigation of the new site.

This new site will also give Bay Shore CU more flexibility moving forward. In the future, Vicki will research added functionality for the site including front page sign-in for their online banking platform.

Bay Shore Credit Union was organized in 1953 by employees of the Ansul Chemical Company. After outgrowing several spaces they finally settled on its current location at 1514 Cleveland Avenue in 1989. Currently, Bay Shore CU serves anyone living or working in Marinette and Oconto Wisconsin Counties and Menominee Michigan County.

Website design was done by Enhanced Software Products’ (ESP) chosen web vendor, FDGweb out of Arlington, Washington. bayshorecu.org will be hosted by ESP as a part of its Tech Bundle.


About ESP, Inc.

ESP, Inc. is a provider of customer-centered core processing and technology solutions strictly for credit unions. Our solutions are designed to accomplish three main goals – to grow your credit union, to make your staff more efficient, and to empower your members. We accomplish this through our powerful FORZA core processing software. Learn more at www.espsolution.net.

Press Contact

John Demke
Marketing Guru

New Website? We can help.

One thing has been consistent throughout the year with our Client visits; Everyone is realizing the importance of updating their website. Let’s face it, your website may very well be the first thing that a potential member sees and we know they are visiting your website more than your branch.

So why are you not potentially putting your best foot forward? Could it be…

  • Feeling overwhelmed by where to start
  • And the cost

We have been searching high and low to find a vendor that represents our core beliefs when working with people and understands how important it is to have a solution for all credit unions. We wanted the flexibility to offer a stellar site at a price point virtually everyone can get into, while allowing others to build to their hearts content. We found that partnership in FDG Web (www.fdgweb.com).


“FDG Web has been very helpful and knowledgeable with the creation of our new website. They’ve taken our brand and translated it into an aesthetically pleasing site.”

Michelle Santos, CONE Credit Union


Now, you can work directly with FDG Web to build a site to fit your needs. Once complete, you can have either FDG Web or ESP host your site. The ongoing support and maintenance can be handled by you, or you can enlist in the assistance of ESP. All pricing, invoicing, requests, questions, etc. will go through ESP; keeping your 1-point of contact the same!

We are very excited about this offering.

If you would like more information, please fill in the fields below and submit. We will send you a PDF outlining the offering. If we feel that a call is in order, we will give you a ring first!