Talk Like a Pirate Day

(L to R) Shaq: Kyle

Ahoy Matey! International Talk Like a Pirate Day conjures up visions of wooden legs, cannonballs, and Johnny Depp. Who doesn’t love a good holiday, especially one involving salty accents and eye patches. Here at ESP we like to celebrate just about everything, and International Talk Like a Pirate Day is no exception.  We encourage employee participation in a variety of extra-curricular activities to build relationships and keep morale high (National Margarita Day is a favorite around here, but that’s another blog for another day). Our participants in the festivities this year embodied the pirate spirit and created a fun atmosphere for all.

Our very own resident pirate, Kyle, showed up for the occasion in breeches and blouse. Always full of antics, he enjoys lightening the mood in the office whenever he can. Most days, he goes out of his way to make people laugh, and eye rolls are more common than not.  If you ask him about a pirate’s favorite credit union, in his saltiest voice he will tell you “Arrrrrbuckle!”

Senior Programmer Sean branded his own style for the holiday. Donning a dark blue t-shirt and jeans, he intently focused on his current collaboration project without missing a beat. When asked about his thoughts on International Talk Like a Pirate Day, he stated, “I’m a software pirate, we look like everyone else.”

Shaq is the newest employee to join our team and his sense of pirate fashion was right on point. In a last minute upset, Shaq sent Kyle to ‘dance the hempen jig’ and ultimately filled the role of ESP’s Salty Sea Bass o’ the Year. Shaq humbly accepted the trophy with these words –

“I don’t know what I did to deserve this award but I will cherish it for the next 365 days until a new challenger approaches. I take this, not as a victory for me, but for pirates all around the world (outside of Somali, that is, those guys are wild)! I want to thank my loyal fans, my mom for always letting my Pirate side flourish, all of the places I’ve plundered for booty, and last but not least, my glorious ship mates(that’s you guys) for riding these waves with me! As a good pirate I look up to once told me “Not all treasure is silver and gold” so thanks for being a part of my treasure!”