100% Client Renewal

“I love you guys there at ESP”

We start 2015 with a few renewal opportunities, this time is always very exciting to us. We have the opportunity to work with a Client, see what their vision is for the Credit Union and show what ESP can do to help achieve that vision for the foreseeable future. While we work hard towards those goals each and every day, the renewal process tends to bring out more questions, requests and ideas. Again, something that is very exciting to us.

As a Data Processor, measuring the success of your Team is sometimes very difficult. By the nature of the relationship, Clients generally call when there’s something wrong or there is a need to add something to one of your solutions. It’s not everyday that a Client calls to just say, “I appreciate all you do”. And that is fine. We use the Renewals for that!

The last 4 months brought us 7 renewal opportunities:

100% of Renewals Earned

6 of 7 have been Clients since 1996

Average renewal term = 5 years