Monthly Archives: January 2015

Perfect, almost!

If you have met us, browsed our site or asked around; you surely know that we very much value the partnership between our clients and our staff. There is no better testament to how you are doing than reviewing the Contract Renewals.

Over the past 5 years we have retained all but 1 client. Unfortunately that client was acquired, these things happen. Why are we telling you this?

“I often field the question, “How many clients have you added in the last 2 years. Or, how many clients over $500M do you service”. Both questions are perplexing. I think the better questions in these scenarios are, “How many clients¬†chose to leave, can I call them. And, what can you do for a $500M credit union that you cannot for a $10M credit union, or vice versa”, Shaun Murray, Chief Elbow Rubber @ ESP, Inc.

How many clients chose to leave ESP in the last 5 years, ZERO. Yes, I would think that represents what is really looking to be answered. Rather than, we signed 7 last year; but I am not going to tell you about the 10 we lost. We sign clients to keep clients, not to ride it out for 5 years and “see what happens”.

We don’t operate in tiers, we are not focused in one size credit union or another. We built a Core Product around a flexible, scalable database to accommodate growth and ensure interoperability with other systems; movement without limitation. ¬†Accommodate great growth and flexibility. Our solutions are not built in a bubble and then pushed out to those that “can afford it”. Guess who that leaves behind… Instead, we take great strides in ensuring that our solutions are built to accommodate all sizes in functionality and price. There is no secret here, no DP started with a $500M+ credit union, they acquired them through a solution upgrade or better yet, someone took that step and said “I think they can accomodate me and I trust that”. I would say the latter is more likely.

“All of our clients have been through¬†at least one contract renewal and I would put our retention rate up against anyone. Simply put, I believe in what we do, my staff and our goals and am confident in saying that our clients do too”.