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M.E. Employees CU Deploy Email Receipts


M.E. Employees CU Deploy Email Receipts

Spokane Valley, WA – 03/30/2016 – M.E. Employees Credit Union (M.E.) of Wausau, Wisconsin has upgraded their online banking from Enhanced Software Products, Inc. (ESP). This upgraded service will allow M.E. to take full advantage of email receipt functionality for its members.

An email receipt or e-receipt is the process of emailing a receipt instead of printing out a hard copy. Although it has been commonplace in e-commerce for at least 15 years, it is a recent development in point of purchase and banking transactions.

Email receipts have several advantages over traditional printed receipts. They are an eco-friendly alternative – requiring no paper or ink. They are not easily damaged nor do they become faded over time. They cannot become lost or misfiled. They can be forwarded to an accountant while the “original” receipt is retained. As long as credit union members can recall their username and password to their email address they can have access to their receipts anytime, anyplace.

ESP chose to develop an email receipt solution in-house. The Programming Team built this functionality directly into the FORZA core processing platform and is providing this solution free of charge to all its clients.


About ESP, Inc.

ESP, Inc. is a provider of customer-centered core processing and technology solutions strictly for credit unions. Our solutions are designed to accomplish three main goals – to grow your credit union, to make your staff more efficient, and to empower your members. We accomplish this through our powerful FORZA core processing software. Learn more at

Press Contact
John Demke
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ESP Participates in Local Food Drive

2016 Food Drive

(L to R) Matt Lefler and Annette Guise

ESP collected over 100 lb of food for Second Harvest as part of the Chapter Annual BSA & Robbery Training held March 24th, 2016 in Spokane, Washington. This training was provided by the Spokane Chapter of the Northwest Credit Union Association.

This annual training provides a refresher to managers and staff of the responsibilities and requirements of BSA. Participants also meet their annual robbery training commitment by attending this training.

Second Harvest is the leader in the hunger-relief network of Inland Northwest since 1971. It distributes over 2 million pounds of free food each month to help people in need in 26 counties in Eastern Washington and North Idaho. Partnerships with more than 250 neighborhood food banks and meal centers make it possible to feed 55,000 people each week.

Service Bureau: The Right Choice?

In-House vs. Service BureauAn important question every credit union must address is where shall I host my data? There are two distinct models of hosting credit union data and software: in-house and service bureau. Both have their pluses and minuses but for this post we’ll concentrate on the benefits of a service bureau model.

After superior customer service the most vital element of a successful credit union is a powerful and easy to use core. All transactions, either in-person or online, occur with an interaction with a core processing solution. Anytime a credit union employee or member interacts with their account they are, in fact, accessing the core. Having a core that can handle the heavy demands of simultaneous in-branch, online and mobile transactions will keep members happy by avoiding delays in service.

Core processing is a key feature of a credit union that will get very little notice from your members –  and that’s the way it should be. If your core is running properly your members could care less about which architecture you choose to run your system on. When “the computers are down” is the point where your customers will really start to share their concerns about your choice of how you run your core.

The In-House Solution

Many credit unions choose to use the option to run their core software from their own premises. This is the “in-house” solution. Generally they are larger with memberships over 10,000 members and may have multiple branches. In-house credit unions must accept all the responsibility for data security and IT management. It’s a very big responsibility.

The upside for a credit union running a self-hosted system is that is may be able to save money if they can maintain a large enough margin of the cost of the core software over the cost of running their own IT department. And here’s a shocker, IT staffers don’t come cheaply and they like to take days off occasionally. Both of these factors will affect your ability to maintain a significant margin.

Service Bureau

At ESP, we provide core processing solutions to most of our clients through our service bureau. It is a great fit for most credit unions where the staff needs to spend the majority of its time on member service instead of managing IT.

The ESP service bureau scope of service includes:

  • We maintain your instance of FORZA3
  • We send and receive all transmission files
  • 24/7/365 round-the-clock IT support
  • We answer the phone – no third-party support
  • No on-premises servers for you to maintain, secure, update or upgrade
  • Extended End Of Day (EOD) because of our Pacific Time Zone location
  • Your staff can leave soon after your doors close – no waiting hours for EOD to process
  • We create all End Of Year tax forms and submit them to the IRS

Making the Right Choice

Choosing the correct model of hosting your core processor doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. Just figure out where your strengths lie. Are they are in IT management or in providing great customer service to members? If you need more information in your due diligence please email us at

Changes to ESP Statements

Permit Postage

ESP moves to permitted postage.

ESP has decided to move to a permit imprint on its statement envelopes. Our previous process included the use of a postage meter with red ink that would print the required postage. The new envelopes come pre-printed with First-Class Mail permit imprint in black ink. These envelopes will improve our procedures, save time while printing and enhance our quality control.

What it means to you:

  • No changes in pricing – you keep the same low price you’ve already been receiving
  • No changes in the data you provide to ESP – everything works automatically

More Information

If you’d like to learn more about permit imprint statement envelopes please contact Brandon at

Statement Printing through ESP

Statement Printing

Learn how ESP can save valuable time and money by printing and mailing your monthly statements.