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2018 Employee Awards

(L to R) Rob Murray; Shaquille Worthy, Encouraging Word Award; Lexi Szabo, Employee of the Year; Shaun Murray; Alexander Ray, Outside the Box Thinker Award; Matt Lefler, Calm in the Eye of the Storm Award; Kelly Salvino, The Risk Taker Award

ESP was proud to honor some special employees at the annual holiday party. Winners were voted on by fellow employees for their excellence in customer service and teamwork. 

These outstanding honorees had stiff competition from their ESP co-workers. In several instances, only a few votes separated the winner from the first runner-up. Many employees were nominated in each of the five categories. ESP is proud of all its employees and having such a tight race is recognition of how well the entire staff is striving to perform their jobs throughout the year.

Winners were recognized from several departments including Client Services, Programming and Technical Support. They included Shaquille Worthy, Alexander Ray, Kellie Salvino, and Matt Lefler. Lexi Szabo pulled a hat-trick with her third win, in as many years, of Employee of the Year.

If you wonder how ESP is able to maintain such a high level of customer service, it is because of our stellar employees. Next year the voting will undoubtedly be close again as our staff strives for a higher standard of service.