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ESP Partners with Tyfone

Spokane Valley, WA – 08/19/2019 – Enhanced Software Products, Inc. (ESP) partners with Tyfone Inc. to provide another option for home and mobile banking to clients.

Tyfone was the brainchild of its three founders: CEO, Dr. Siva G. Narenda; COO, Prabhakar Tadepalli; and chairman, Tom Spitzer. They started Tyfone with the goal of solving a major problem – the balancing of convenience and security in an ever-increasingly digital world. 15 years ago they thought the issue of internet security was incredibly important, and as we all know, it is actually gotten worse today.

Fundamentally, the process of onboarding and authenticating a digital user is not a trivial task – especially without compromising user experience. Digital security is not just a talking point for Tyfone, but an important element of their corporate culture and is built into their Digital Banking product.

Traditionally, the solution to this problem has been to sacrifice convenience for the sake of security. Systems were operated totally on “lockdown” which provided a high level of security but became a pain for actual users to prove their identity. Through its work in the federal government sector, Tyfone has come up with a solution that provides both a high level of security and user access.

Tyfone is genuinely concerned with how the products they create can serve the lives of everyday people. Modern digital banking users are goal-driven, they want to perform specific tasks with their applications and devices, to be done, and move on to the next item on their list. They demand access anytime and anywhere. Josh DeTar, Tyfone’s head of sales and marketing stated: “customers want a beautiful, clean, seamless experience where they can get what they’re looking for and to accomplish their goals.”

At its core, Tyfone believes that a strong collaborative relationship between the technology provider and the credit union is paramount in delivering service that makes sense for that specific credit union and its members. “Everyone builds features, not everyone builds relationships” added DeTar.

Tyfone found their corporate culture of service dovetailed nicely with the culture of credit unions. Through their conversations with numerous credit unions, Tyfone learned the importance of making their application interfaces follow a predictable, logical and easy-to-use workflow. A well-built financial services app empowers users to better manage their money and make better budgetary decisions. With User Experience (UX) as the driver of design, Tyfone seeks to serve their client’s members with solutions that help them achieve their goals. To their credit, Tyfone is currently working with two of the top 10 credit unions in the country to build their digital banking solution.

“Our applications are built for members to quickly identify how to accomplish the tasks that they set out to do. They should be able to easily log in and navigate the app because it feels familiar to all the other cutting-edge tech that they use every day.”

– Josh Detar

One aspect that Tyfone has programmed for is variability in human interaction with their applications. Since every user has a unique perspective on the way things should be done, Tyfone provides different ways of performing the same task. The key is to provide a framework of contextually relevant interactions. For instance, providing the functionality to make a loan payment from the loan balance screen will increase the usefulness and minimize the amount of time needed to complete a task. This same UX design mindset is throughout its digital banking solution.

Tyfone is excited to be partnering with ESP. Sharing a similar passion for providing exceptional customer service the common ground for their mutual admiration.

“At the end of the day, ESP is all about taking care of their customers. I can tell every single person that has dealt with ESP just 30 seconds into the conversation because of their positive interaction with them.”

– Josh Detar

Twyla Morales, “Duchess” of Deployment at ESP, has been a part of the team responsible for implementing the partnership with Tyfone. She was impressed by the strengths of Tyfone’s platform and commitment to customer service.

“Our partnership with Tyfone brings many opportunities for ESP and our clients! They provide a wealth of knowledge in the tech industry, as well as the financial services industry. Tyfone is a definite asset to our portfolio of trusted vendors.”

– Twyla Morales

Several of ESP’s customers are expected to be on Tyfone’s Digital Banking platform by first quarter of 2020.