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Cougar Joins Client Services

Spenser Dalin

Spokane Valley, WA – October 6th, 2020 – ESP Client Services has brought on a Washington State University (WSU) graduate, Spenser Dalin, as a Client Services Representative (CSR).

If you didn’t know, ESP is predominantly staffed by proud Eastern Washington University (EWU) alumni. Our incredibly talented and well-educated bunch of Eagles welcomed the Cougar despite his choice of alma mater.

During his undergrad, Spenser worked as a manager in retail sales for a well-advertised national brand. In this capacity, he became very familiar with cash and credit transactions, off-balance drawers, and working with different retail systems – all items that CSRs assist with every day.

As most History majors at WSU do, Spenser started his own fraternity and served as its president for a one-year term. This experience gave the self-starter a crash course in personnel management and effective communication.

“This really helped my communication and teamwork and leadership skills grow… especially when a problem arises and we need a solution ASAP.”

– Spenser Dalin

Out of the office, Spenser likes camping, hiking, and snowboarding… really anything outdoors. His training is progressing well and you may have already received an email response from him or even talked to him on the phone. He is looking forward to taking your call into Client Services soon!