About Us

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: we believe business is more than the next deal, it’s a partnership. As your partner, we listen to ideas, collaborate on solutions to answer your needs, and provide innovative technology to meet the ever-changing demands of your members and prospects.


Customer service is and will continue to be our primary focus.  Our industry is chock-full of data processors that have solutions that will “fit” with what you are looking for.  Very few are prepared to say they believe that they have the best customer service, well we are!  There will always be hiccups, but you will always be heard and know that we will always have your best interest at heart. When we earn your partnership, we earn your trust.  We’re invested in your company—your success, your growth, and your members.  Our partnership is a promise to move your credit union toward the future with a competitive edge —  without the headaches and complications that some technology can bring.

“Our mission is to provide—through the strength of partnership with credit unions—the highest quality technology solutions for the credit union industry, while maintaining stability and exceptional personalized customer service.” – Shaun Murray

Shaun Murray, President

I have been fortunate enough to work intimately with the credit union market for the last 18 years.  I have learned a lot and I am committed to bringing a level of understanding and devotion to the credit union movement and your credit union.  At ESP, I place a high priority on face-to-face time with each client and potential client.  That is how I can do best by you, knowing how you view what you are running and what you would like to be offering.  I will make sure that you know where ESP is going and I want to know how we can meet and exceed your expectations.  I am “pot committed” to this industry and my clients, and I plan on servicing your needs for the next 18+ years.  With over 30 employees that rely on me to do the right thing by your credit union, I don’t have any intention of letting them down.  All of us realize that our job function (no matter what it may be) affects each other and our clients. All of this is not possible without an open line of communication with you. I deal in facts and there is always a solution, no matter what the situation. I plan to work with you to ensure that your issues (if any) are handled as quickly as possible, ensuring that you know it is not falling on deaf ears. This is the concept that Kathy Murray built ESP on and I plan to ensure this stays. I am always available and that is why I have and will always make my mobile phone and email accessible to everyone. Let us move into the future together.  I believe in everyone under our roof in Spokane, and we look for credit unions that want to work with a group that places cooperation and collaboration at a premium.