Work with creative people. Enhance an industry. Make people happy.

At ESP we take great pride in developing credit union software solutions that are the best in the industry. We focus on a dynamic team environment and controlled growth, allowing all of us to put our best foot forward when we are servicing and supporting our clients. We have a 100% Client Satisfaction rating and we will keep it there!

You should know our process when hiring.

  • You can expect a thorough review of your application. We treat all applications for employment with great respect.
  • If approved, you will then meet with the Department Manager and the Remover of Road Blocks, Matt Lefler.
  • Finally, you will have an off-site meeting with the Chief Elbow Rubber, Shaun Murray.

Why all this fuss?

We “fit” people at ESP. We don’t just hire to fill chairs, we find applicants that want to build careers. Our goal is to hire the right people for the long haul. We don’t hire for a rise in workload and we don’t lay people off when it’s slow. A majority of our staff has been on our Team for over 5 years, many beyond 10 years. Our clients rely on us to provide consistent superior support. For our clients, there is a level of comfort that comes with working with the same support people for years. We want to make sure ESP, the client and you have the option to be that person – for a long time.

Open Positions