ESP Partners with Augeo Marketing

We did it again!

We have partnered with yet another wonderful company based on a request by OU FCU ( in Norman, OK. OU FCU is looking to engage and reward their membership, they found a trusted company in that arena; Augeo Marketing. “Augeo Marketing designs, develops, implements and manages customer, fan, member and employee engagement programs for a broad range of companies”. For an overview of the program that OU FCU has implemented, please go here (

Shaun Murray (President at ESP, Inc.) states, “OU FCU called us wanting to see what we could do to ensure that Augeo’s potential could be maximized for the their membership. So we had a call or two as a group and decided that building the bridge using their SSO and API integration was best for our mutual Client. We are excited to see what Augeo and OU FCU can do together”.

Below is a screenshot mockup of what we integrated into our Home Banking solution for OU FCU’s members. Information that is viewable in Home Banking and Mobile Banking alike!!!