Live Person vs. IVR

Press “1”?

IVR TreeHow many times have you called Technical Support and simply wanted to talk to a live person? Instead you found yourself being shuffled through layer after layer of automated menus? Press “1” for Company Directory, press “2” for Billing, press “3” to hear this entire menu again. Blah, blah, blah. It seems companies purposely bury access to their support personnel. Is this the way they manage access to support… by encouraging attrition?! This tortuous process is termed “IVR” (Interactive Voice Response) and is the stuff of nightmares.

Also, many companies try to push every interaction with their clients to the Internet. Undoubtedly while you yourself have been suffering through IVR you’ve been informed multiple times to head to their website where all of your problems will be magically solved. Little do they know that you’ve already spent your valuable time searching their site and that’s why you’re calling them. Sometimes the only solution to a problem is to talk to an actual living, breathing human being.

Hello, this is ESP.

At ESP an actual live person answers every single inbound call. Every. Single. One. You can call us anytime day or night, weekend or holiday and we’ll pick up the phone. Potential clients have even called us on our claim and phoned us up at 3 am… and we answered them.

Our Client Services Representatives (CSRs) are really great at what they do and have most issues resolved within 20 minutes. They can notify you of the resolution of your problem either via a phone call or email, whichever you prefer. You can also view open calls or requests within FORZA3™ Core Processing Software.

We’re in Good Company

Some very big companies have realized the value of having their customers speak with an actual human without the hassle of IVR. Nordstrom, Cabela’s, and Best Buy can really see the potential in talking with a customer as soon as possible.

ESP does not employ IVR. We value every customer and value every conversation. When you call us we will answer and we will get your problem solved.