Technical Services

ESP offers a wide variety of technical support services.

Aside from the daily support for our data center systems, ESP Technical Support serves as a clearinghouse for information regarding the ever-changing world of technology. Whether you need to configure a router, order a PC, or get input on developing a technology plan for your credit union, ESP technical support can help. ESP technicians are always glad to answer your questions and help you locate the technology solutions you are looking for.

Based on the level of technical expertise on staff at your credit union, ESP offers many levels of value-added service customizable to your needs. We offer services including hardware ordering, personalized hardware setup, onsite hardware installation, network design, and implementation and technology planning.

Vulnerability Test and More all for you

Affectionately known as the auditors’ “Fanny Pack”, we have a beautiful solution for you to please the pants off your auditors and examiners. The Fanny Pack is a monthly email that has the latest ISO Audit, ACH Audit, Vulnerability Test Results and that Month’s Up/Down Time reports. It is a comprehensive bundle of information that will show up in your email inbox each and every month!

Mobile Branch & Disaster Recovery

We offer the ability, for free,  to set up a software-based VPN, used in conjunction with a laptop and mobile hotspot or Wi-Fi, to allow your credit union to engage in critical teller activities even if your physical location is unavailable, or you are simply traveling to meet prospective new members.  To request a Disaster Recovery test, use this form.

Network Design

ESP can assist with designing a network layout, choosing firewalls, routers, switches, and configuring them appropriately for access to systems and services that you require. We work with both Cisco and SonicWall products and can cover a range of use requirements within your technology budget.

Hardware Ordering and Setup

If you find yourself needing to get new workstations or replace existing workstations, ESP can order and configure a computer with FORZA3™ and all necessary peripherals. If you choose to get a computer on your own, ESP can also set up FORZA3™ and related components remotely.

Q & A for All Technology

Any question relating to the implementation of technology for your credit union can benefit from an extra pair of eyes and ESP techs are available to help you answer any question that you may have.

Website Hosting

Whether your website is built on ASP.NET, PHP, or another language, we can provide the tools necessary for you to host and manage your website securely and safely with regular off-site backups to protect your hard work and content. We are more than willing to customize a hosting environment for any site you have and can do the legwork to ensure it has a valid security certificate for a competitively low cost.

Audit Assistance

If your auditors request technical information that you do not know, give ESP a call and we can provide you with answers that will satisfy NCUA requirements and leave your members at ease. We have put a great deal of effort into ensuring our system’s security and integrity and are confident that our infrastructure can stand up to scrutiny.