Call us. We actually answer the phone.
At ESP customer service is our number one priority. When our clients call us they can expect one of our highly trained staff to give them them the attention they deserve immediately.
SMS / Text Marketing from the Core
Reach your members through the Marketing Programs area in FORZA3™. Notify them of new Loan Rates, early CU closures, fraud alerts, etc. The opportunity to reach your members has just expanded.

10 reasons why FORZA3™ is right for you

Open Architecture
Extensive Peripheral Compatibility
Regular Enhancements
Simple Navigation
Supports Paperless Environment
Native Member Imaging
Member-centric Viewpoint
Mobile-to-Core Integration
Granular User Security Control

FORZA3™ Core Processing

forzalogoFORZA3™ was designed and implemented as one of the first modern core platforms, not based on the legacy of ancient mainframes and text-based terminals. We help credit unions use the power of the internet to achieve their financial goals.

There is peace of mind knowing that your core processor is working diligently on your behalf, all the time. Whether it is development or partnering with people you want to work with – we are here for you.

+ More Features

Standard Account Management

FORZA3™ manages Shares, Share Draft, Certificates/IRA, Money Market, Overdraft Protection, Consumer Loan, Mortgages, Credit Card and Commercial Accounts.

Shared Branch Issuer & Acquirer

Issuer and Acquirer built into the core. Connect to over 5,000 locations using the Shared Branch Network.

Online ATM

We have interfaced with almost all ATM networks so you can choose which one is best for you. We will not dictate our choice to you. We will help you decide which one is best for your credit union.

Courtesy Pay

ESP has worked with BancService Corp. to build a courtesy pay system into FORZA3™.

Member Imaging

One of our staple features, it offers your employees the ability to capture or view a member’s picture, scanned image from a driver’s license, signature, or all of the above. Member Imaging is built to work seamlessly within FORZA3™.

Bill Pay

We can work with your bill pay vendor. We offer a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution for every vendor who allows it. For example: iPay by ProfitStars.

Check Imaging

Viewable from FORZA3™, home banking, and mobile banking. We really want to make sure your members and your staff have easy access to their information.

Reports for Miles

Are reports your thing? We have over 200 standard reports and more in development. We build reports specific to an individual client request and then make that report available to all our clients within FORZA3™.


Sent during the beginning of day process and totally configurable by you within FORZA3™. Your member will receive an email indicating that they have a notice ready. They will again see a notification when they login to Home Banking.

Remote Deposit Capture

Have RDC at your fingertips with squirrelRDC from ESP. We also currently integrate Malauzai and Nitro Mobile Solutions into our core. As always, we are more than willing to explore new relationships with other vendors at your request.


We built our E-Statements to precisely match the member's printed statement. If a reprint is needed for the member there is comfort in knowing that it looks identical. It's also accessed from FORZA3™, allowing for easy access and management.
Mobile Banking

Our mobile banking solution lets anyone with a smartphone access their accounts and plan for the future, whether at home or on the road.

Our mobile banking solution lets anyone with a smartphone access their accounts and plan for the future, whether at home or on the road.
Real-time ATM/Debit

Partner With Who You Want!

Real-time ATM/Debit is something that every credit union should have an opportunity to deploy. In most cases, there is no upfront cost and a monthly cost that will offset the costs that your currently paying for batch processing. We currently partner with STAR, Fiserv EPOC, Co-Op, Vantiv, Elan, Trans Fund, Shazam, FIS Global, Metavante (FIS), ICUL (STAR) and Visa DPS.
Home Banking

Built On Member Needs

With online banking, current members want convenience; potential members not only want convenience, they want options. Your new and potential members want the ability to be able to harness their money. ESP has partnered with MoneyDesktop and FutureAdvisor to take this control even further.
Credit Card Processing

Let Your Members Use Their Credit Anywhere With VISA

FORZA3™'s Credit Card processing solution gives your member a unified Debit and Credit card experience. View transactions, order plastics, make payments, etc., all from FORZA3™ and ESP's home/mobile banking solution with a single credential. Convenience for your Member and efficiency for your Staff!
Full-service Printing & Mailing

All Your Printing Needs Under One Roof

Wouldn't it be nice to contact your core processor to also handle your statement printing? After all, the information printed is coming from your database. Let us show you what "under one roof" really means. We print and mail monthly statements, notices and event credit card statements. We turn out your statements within 48 hours and streamline the verification process.
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