More Solutions

Opportunities are endless, truly endless.

Credit unions choose us for our solutions and find an increased incentive to stay with us because of our service and support. As you will see below, we can outfit your credit union like a clown at a birthday party – more bells and whistles than you thought imaginable.

NEW Remote Deposit Capture App – squirrelRDC

Are your members asking for a remote deposit capture solution? The ability to deposit a check via a mobile device is exciting new technology which we are proud to offer. squirrelRDC, an app that is easily downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. It fully integrates into ESP’s Mobile Banking platform and uses Single Sign-On (SSO) making the interaction seamless and efficient.

CASS Certification (i.e. Address Cleansing)

Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) enables the USPS the ability to evaluate the accuracy of software that corrects and matches street addresses. You can have us run your entire address database through our CASS process to virtually ensure a 100% delivery rate.

ATM / Debit Card Processing

Batch or On-line/Real-time Processing are options we support and love working through with our clients. We can partner with any vendor you like, we are quick and fast for your immediate implementation.

In-house Credit Card Processing

Built by ESP. Managed within FORZA3™. Deployed in 2014 with Member Access Pacific (MAP), we can bring your credit card processing and management under our roof allowing you to manage, open, close, etc. credit cards from your teller or member service line. With the implementation of an instant card printer/solution, we have one great efficient and robust solution for you. In-house Credit Cards is now offered through the Star Network.

Integrated Credit Bureau

You can pull credit reports in straight from FORZA3™, from all three credit bureaus. Once pulled these reports are saved on the account or suffix level for later use. You can work with trade lines when pulling into FORZA3™, it is a great solution to increase your efficiency.

Digital Documents

View Image  Built by ESP. Managed within FORZA3™. Scan those important documents and know they are safe in your database. We house all documents in the database structure to ensure that they are being treated as important as the rest of your sensitive data. No need for a separate server (unless you want to) and just a scanner is all you have to get your hands on. Managed from the core, this solution allows you to tie documents right to account bases or suffixes as well as giving you the opportunity to set expiration dates so that you can be reminded to update any documents that are time sensitive. A real integrated solution for your use!

Email Hosting

Client Testimonial
Use your website domain name for your email addresses and leverage our staff and Exchange Server to deploy a security-driven email solution. We offer the ability to utilize email through Microsoft’s Web Client, Outlook and/or both. You can also access your email from your mobile device, straight from Exchange – not a POP mail client.


View Image  |  Built by ESP. Managed within FORZA3™. Save time and money by using our E-Notices solution. Notices will generate and send at the completion of Beginning of Day. Notices are held on Home Banking and your member will receive an email letting them know that they have notice’s available. If there are unread notices, your member will also see these when they log in to Home Banking.


Built by ESP. Managed within FORZA3™. E-Statements are viewed by the member within Home Banking. We can help you with a disclosure that your members must agree to in order to use the E-Statement solution. Once your member receives an email notification they can view these immediately. Your staff can also view the E-Statements from within FORZA3™ and reprint them if the member is in need. We keep 12-months of E-Statements available in Home Banking and all are indefinitely available within FORZA3™.

NEW Email Receipts

Built by ESP. Managed within FORZA3. We looked around at competing companies and realized that we have all the tools internally to make a solution that other credit unions don’t have unless there is involvement from a 3rd party. So we built Email Receipts. It is completely integrated into FORZA3™. Not only is it easy to use and streamlined for staff and member but there is no charge for our clients to use it. Just use it.

Shared Branch

View Image  |  Managed within FORZA3™. When we were developing our Shared Branch solution we noticed that many credit unions were having to use a specific terminal or access a separate system. This doesn’t seem efficient to us so we built our interface right in FORZA3™ so that your staff can help any member and do it without having to learn another system. We love how streamlined it is. We are confident that you will agree.

Statement & Notice Printing

We are here for all your statement, notice, and marketing printing needs. Please view the Full-Service Print/Mail page for more information.

Technical Services

We offer a wide variety of technical services. We have experienced technicians and programmers and are here to lend a hand if you need them. Please view the Technical Services page for more information.

NEW Audio Response

Built by ESP. Managed within FORZA3™. We know audio banking is around to stay. We recently completed our fully hosted version – Audio Response. ESP manages the phone numbers, servers, literally everything. You only need one number (either local or 800) and you can keep your current number if you like. Bilingual, custom messaging, etc. are all features to this great new solution.

Automated ACH Origination and Returns

Our staff is happy to assist you in the Origination and Returns part of the ACH files. We do all the work for you when sending, receiving and posting files. A robust ACH solution within FORZA3™ allows you full control of your ACH files, with robust drill down and search features.

Bill Pay (Mobile too)

We partner with a number of vendors to allow for a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution from Home Banking. Through our Mobile Banking solution, we can set-up an SSO process for your members if you are partnered with iPay.

Check Imaging

Odds are really good that we already partner with your check processor. This allows for check images to be accessed from within FORZA3™, Home Banking, and Mobile Banking, keeping your member’s information right at their fingertips.

Home Banking

View Image  |  Built by ESP. Managed within FORZA3™. Our most used ancillary service since day one. Our clients love our solution and the functionality and price are unparalleled. With that said, if you have a solution you would rather use, we are more than happy to help make that connection for your credit union. With a Multi-Layer Authentication (MLA) solution for login and the most up-to-date security connections, you and your members can sleep well knowing we are doing everything we can to keep your data secure. With services like E-Statements, E-Notices, Bill Pay (w/ Single-Sign-On), Intuit Quicken/QuickBooks, Future Advisor, and MoneyDesktop, our solution will really round-off your member’s experience.

Laser Printing and Stock

We use Windows® print drivers on our system. What does that mean for you? You can use virtually any printer you can think of, there is no charge for adding a printer and we won’t be dictating what printer you have to use. FORZA3™ offers the ability to print money orders, cashier’s checks and starter checks all from blank stock. We know that ordering laser stock should be easy and if you find that your day is not allowing you to do this, we can help. We offer up our time to make sure that we get stock ordered for you when you need it, with customizable options as well.

Member Imaging

View Image  |  Built by ESP. Managed within FORZA3™. Give your members peace of mind by utilizing a member imaging system that is easy for your staff to use and feature-rich for your members’ safety. Scan a driver’s license, take a picture or capture a signature, all are done within the core and saved to your database. There is no additional server needed and therefore no third-party vendor involvement. Just flip a switch!

Mobile Banking

Built by ESP. Managed within FORZA3™. In an effort to allow all your members access to their accounts while on the go we use a web application to extend the reach of your credit union. Using the same Multi-Layer Authentication (MLA) as Home Banking, we bring the advanced security to your members’ finger-tips. Mobile Bill Pay (iPay), check imaging, transfer funds, stop payment and account inquiry are some of the features you can expect from our solution. If you are in search of an advanced mobile app for your needs, we currently partner with Malauzai. These two offerings will also get your RDC (Remote Deposit Capture) needs up and running!

On-line ATM/Debit

We want you to be real-time with your ATM/Debit, and to show you how much we do we have partnered with several vendors to ensure you have options. Currently, we are partnered with Member Access Pacific (MAP), SHAZAM, FIS Global, Fiserv EnhancedEPOC, Elan, Co-Op, Star and Vantiv. If you don’t see your vendor listed here, let us know and we can start the communication to get a connection up and running. We do it all the time.

Paperless Receipts

Built by ESP. Managed within FORZA3™. Are you really looking to “Go Green”, then our Paperless Receipt solution should round out your needs. Just like our other “green” solutions, we save the images of the receipts in the database. This allows you to access it from the transaction or a search at any time, not to mention we DO NOT PURGE YOUR DATA. All you need is a signature pad and us to turn it on and you are ready to go.

SMS/Text Messaging

Built by ESP. Managed within FORZA3™. See the images! Built around the Marketing Programs area in FORZA3™, SMS/Text Messaging is a one-way communication method to your members. It is a fantastic way to remind them of an office closure, fraud alert, loan program incentive, etc. The options are endless with this FORZA3™ integration. Mobile numbers of your members are easy to access and it’s quick to build a mailing list. You can also import a numbers list that you may have collected through a third-party marketing list.

NEW Sync&Share

Sync&Share, powered by FileCloud, is our latest fix to the problem our clients are mentioning – how to send files to the Board of Directors (BOD) and/or members. Would you like to get notifications of when someone has accessed the files you are sharing? How about being able to transfer large files with a passcode and an expiration date? Look no further, we now a have a file sharing solution that is packed with functionality and your files are securely stored at ESP – not in a server farm.