RDC – Remote Deposit Capture


No one seems to go anywhere without their smartphone anymore. It has become essential for modern life. More than ever, credit union members are accessing their accounts through mobile devices. ESP has developed an RDC solution strictly for credit unions – one we know you’ll like. Using their smartphone or tablet, members can now deposit paper checks by simply snapping a photo. After downloading the app, they can seamlessly access the power of RDC right through ESP’s Mobile Banking.


Members simply download our RDC app from Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store onto their smartphone. Once your member launches the squirrelRDC app for the first time, they will never have to touch it again. They will always access RDC directly from the main menu within ESP’s Mobile Banking – keeping them using your technology! When combined with a bill pay solution (i.e. iPay) your members have the ability to access their accounts, pay bills and deposit checks right at their fingertips.


Member Features

  • Easy Download – App Store or Google Play Store
  • Multi-Platform – Runs on iOS or Android devices
  • Single-Sign-On – Only log in once
  • Easy to Use – Launches from ESP’s Mobile Banking home screen
  • Multiple Account Capability – Members can deposit into any available account
  • Confirmation Email – Notifies members of deposits

Admin Features

  • Member Access – Control who can use RDC
  • Daily Limits – Set daily limits on transactions
  • Reports – Monitors deposits, admins, users and limits
  • Custom branding – available to keep your look and feel consistent. Consortium pass
  • Flags – warn of suspicious behavior and items for review during processing