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Real-time ATM/Debit for M.E. CU

M.E. Credit Union Upgrades to Real-time ATM/Debit

Spokane Valley, WA – 10/17/2016 – M.E. Employees Credit Union of Wausau, WI recently deployed Real-time ATM/Debit through their core processing vendor ESP.

M.E. Employees Credit Union (M.E. CU) was established in 1932 originally named O.K. Motors Credit Union. In 1946, the credit union changed its name to M.E. Employees Credit Union. It serves members within a 100-mile radius that work or have worked for Marathon Electric or Regal Beloit both manufacturers of electric motors and associated components.

After coming onboard as president in 2013, Tracie Wills had a goal to transition the credit union to Real-time ATM/Debit. Their legacy system utilized Positive Balance File Updates. She termed the old system as being “stuck in the Stone Age”.

Positive Balance Files don’t update until certain times of the day limiting member’s access to their money.  For example, if a member’s paycheck is deposited into their account at midnight and the Positive Balance File doesn’t update until 4:30pm, they cannot access their funds through their debit card until 4:30 that day.

To accommodate the changing needs of credit unions and their members, ESP partners with over 45+ vendors including all the ATM/Debit vendors. This diversity of vendors allowed ESP to extend a solution or connection to M.E. CU that was not cost prohibitive.

ESP President Shaun Murray finds value in matching credit unions with solutions that bring useful technology to their members and to do it at an affordable price point.

“We pride ourselves in making sure clients big and small can deploy solutions to keep them on the forefront of technology.  This project speaks to that commitment and we are excited for Tracie and her members,” – Shaun Murray

ESP makes the transactions, including pending, available on their core solution (FORZA) as well as Home Banking.  This provides the member AND staff with an up-to-date view of the flow of transactions.

On the deployment process Tracie Wills noted:

ESP is so great! We never have any issues with you guys. All we had to do was pick up the phone and call. During the transition your team was on top of things. [The] guys are excellent. – Tracie Wills

For more information on M.E. Employees Credit Union please visit their website.

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ESP, Inc. is a provider of customer-centered core processing and technology solutions strictly for credit unions. Our solutions are designed to accomplish three main goals – to grow your credit union, to make your staff more efficient, and to empower your members. We accomplish this through our powerful FORZA core processing software. Learn more at www.espsolution.net.

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