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CU CEO Taught Herself Coding

Spokane Valley, WA – 6/07/2019 – Jami Olcott, President and CEO of Marathon County Employees Credit Union (MCECU), had to teach herself how to code out of necessity – but not because of ESP.

MCECU is located in Wausau, WI and serves 2,600 members. Membership is available to employees, retirees, and their families of federal, state and local governments and various public entities of Marathon County.

With undergraduate degrees in Business and Accounting and an MBA, Olcott was well-prepared for the workings of the credit union industry. She spent thirteen years in a multi-billion dollar credit union as a financial analyst. The credit union’s core was very highly regarded and could do a lot of things, but with many employees and requests, not everything could be a high priority.

“If there was something I needed to know from our data, I either had to write the report myself or wait for IT to do it for me. That’s why I taught myself to code.”

Jami Olcott

When Olcott arrived at MCECU twenty months ago, they had been an ESP client for six years. She had assumed that the process of compiling information and data to complete a project, then coding a custom report was the standard operating procedure for all cores until she was introduced to FORZA.

“If I need something, it’s really phenomenal to have the ability to call ESP and have a Client Services representative start working on it immediately.”

Jami Olcott

For instance, Olcott needed a report on how members were receiving their monthly statements, either by mail or electronically. FORZA has over 625 reports available instantly but in this case, a pre-built report did not exist. So, she called ESP and made a request. The report landed back on her desk by the end of the day, not in weeks like her previous core.

Olcott stated that she was “floored” by what she has seen from ESP. Plus, the learning curve she was expecting with FORZA was measured in days, not in months.

“I have nothing but positive things to say about ESP. With very little training I was up and running on the platform.”

Jami Olcott

ESP is proud to have Marathon County Employees Credit Union as a client and is happy to be able to provide a high level of customer service they deserve.