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ESP Receives Externship Recognition


ESP Receives Externship Recognition

Spokane Valley, WA – 06/14/2017 – ESP, Inc. was recently presented with a plaque of recognition for participating in Spokane Public Schools CTE Teacher Externship.

In the Summer of 2016, ESP acted as a host for a Career and Technical Education (CTE) teacher from Spokane Public Schools. This newly developed program gives real-world experience to educators by placing them in a local business for a few hours or days to learn the ins and outs of current industry practices.

Will H. Saret, Director of Career and Technical Education for Spokane Public Schools, thanked local businesses for their participation in the program and stressed how effective the program is in the lives of teachers and students.

“Teachers gained knowledge of how their classroom content could lead to work in [a specific industry.] These connections with real-world information have proven instrumental in how teachers and, most importantly, students see the relevance of their education.” – Will H. Saret

(L to R) Matt Lefler; Alex Ray

Matt Lefler, who oversees ESP’s Operations, views the opportunity to host an externship as a win-win – the extern learns about the industry they are researching and ESP gets to educate the extern on what the industry is looking for in terms of qualified job candidates.

“We strive to support our local community – especially education. We are always looking to pass on our knowledge. Hopefully, through this cooperation, we can give insight as to what employers are seeking from educators.” – Matt Lefler

The externship was directly facilitated by ESP’s Alex Ray. As Network Security Engineer, Alex demonstrated daily tasks, incident response, and the hardware infrastructure used to provide core processing services to clients. Of particular emphasis was the post-mortem process on service issues to prevent problems in the future. On the value of a professional externship for educators he stated:

“Teachers should definitely experience an externship within a business sector before actually advising students on their future career paths.” – Alex Ray

Terry Yeigh, a teacher of Computer Science at Rogers High School in Spokane, WA spent at day at the ESP facilities where he job shadowed Alex Rey. He learned practical experience in network management and was able to take that experience back to his classroom. The practical experience he gathered was directly applicable to the course he teaches in Cyber Security.

“Eventhough I realize how important cybersecurity is in the banking industry, just seeing it in action and knowing how much responsibility Alex had was pretty overwhelming. I was amazed at the amount of software tools Alex uses to make sure the network is secure.” – Terry Yeigh

One of the primary takeaways Terry had from this experience is that there is a future for his students within in the local economy for dedicated IT professionals.

 “Showing students that we have Alex – an expert in his field, who is working with cybersecurity for a small company, definitley shows them that there is opportunty out there.” – Terry Yeigh

Terry wholeheartedly endorses the externship program and suggests other educators try it for themselves. He was also asked in several meetings to speak on his experience with ESP. He related that actually seeing a professional in the banking industry working to secure servers and their data was the capstone of his experience.

ESP looks forward to working with more educators in the future.

About ESP, Inc.

ESP, Inc. is a provider of customer-centered core processing and technology solutions strictly for credit unions. Our solutions are designed to accomplish three main goals – to grow your credit union, to make your staff more efficient, and to empower your members. We accomplish this through our powerful FORZA3™ core processing software. Learn more at www.espsolution.net.

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ESP Promotes Computer Science

(L) ESP’s Matt Lefler relates the importance of computer science to Career Rodeo attendees.

ESP had the privilege to participate in the Cheney Public School Career Rodeo in Cheney, WA. The purpose of the Rodeo was to encourage K-12 students to explore careers and to raise awareness about the importance of college and career opportunities. Students toured Snowdon Elementary School and visited various businesses that demonstrated career opportunities in fields such as law enforcement, healthcare, and personal finance.

(Second from R) ESP’s Matt Lefler indicates the server to attendees of the Career Rodeo.

ESP’s presentation showed students the available careers in computer science. Careers highlighted were: software developer, system administrator, and IT security. To demonstrate the integration of application programming and information technology we created a local server and two workstations to play the wildly popular video game Minecraft.

[Minecraft] enable players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D procedurally generated world. Other activities in the game include exploration, resource gathering, crafting, and combat. – Wikipedia

A student gets some time on ESP’s Minecraft configuration.

ESP’s swag for the Career Rodeo.

Many students stopped by our classroom to explore the possibility of pursuing a career in computing. Quite a few Minecraft fans made their way to our demonstration too. They were not only interested in getting some playing time but in learning about how important computer science is to building and supporting their favorite video game.

Swag was also part of our participation. We created custom decals promoting computer science based on the game with the slogan “dig deeper with computer science”. We also passed out our smiley face neoprene coasters.

We actually have a few decals left, if you are interested in putting one on these fun stickers on your favorite Pee Chee please drop us and email at sales@espsolution.net. More photos are available on our Flickr account.