Two Christies are Better than One

Christie Ingersoll; Christy Harmon

(l to r) Christie Ingersoll; Christy Harmon

ESP decided to add a small amount of confusion to existing clients by hiring a second employee named “Christie”.

Christie Ingersoll was hired recently as a Receptionist/Office Assistant. Part of her new duties include generally being the first point of contact for clients calling ESP – a vital role at ESP and essential for providing superior customer service.

Christie has been a Spokane area resident for over twenty years. She came to us from the medical field where she was working in administration.

Soon after her hire, Christie began noticing that clients calling in were giving her a lot of information about their issues – lots and lots of information. More than enough information for her to forward their call. At ESP our Manager of Client Services is named “Christy” and clients supposed they were talking with her.

Christy Harmon has been with ESP for eight and one-half years. Clients have worked closely with her for many years and come to expect her to be the one and only Christy at ESP.

Moving forward, Christy Harmon asks you not to refer to her as “the old Christy” but rather “the existing Christy”. On the other hand, Christie Ingersoll is perfectly fine with you calling her “the new Christie”. ESP will get your call to the right person just give us a little patience because ultimately two Christies are better than one.