KBR CU Converts to FORZA


KBR CU Converts to FORZA

Spokane Valley, WA – 01/16/2017 – KBR Credit Union, a branch of American Lake CU, recently converted to ESP’s FORZA3™ core processing platform.

KBR Credit Union (KBR), located in Tacoma, WA, began serving employees of the St. Regis Paper Mill in 1949. “KBR” is short for “Kraft, Bag and Regional” – the three divisions of the mill at the time. In 2015 they merged with American Lake Credit Union (American Lake) located in Lakewood, WA. The merger allows for better access to products and services for the membership as well as bringing more convenience through additional locations.

KBR President Kolin McMann, who has been working in credit unions since he was 17, decided to press forward a core conversion for KBR. McMann began working at KBR in 2010 bringing his considerable credit union management experience and his degree in Accounting from Portland State University. He was later brought over to run American Lake and to manage the merger.

McMann had previously gone through two credit union core conversions and was well aware of the factors inherent in process. Drafting a full RFP (request for proposal), he and his team began to evaluate core processors that would meet 100% of their needs going forward.

“Being a small credit union, we needed something that was incredibly efficient and easy for our frontline staff to use.” – Kolin McMann

After evaluating many cores, McMann and his team selected FORZA3™. ESP was able to beat competing cores by providing the necessary ease-of-use with attractive pricing and no nickel-and-dime charges. KBR was also sold on its numerous third-party integrations and the diversity of other offerings as well. He also noted that “transactions are also much quicker” due to its built-in efficiencies.

Shelly Rogers, Conversion Lead at ESP, was a point person for the KBR conversion. She coordinated communication and the transfer of data between ESP and the existing core. Another important role she filled was to facilitate the verification process with third-party vendors to ensure all systems were functional on day one of the conversion.  She enjoyed working with the KBR staff to ensure a smooth transition.

“Working with the KBR staff was a pleasure! They were all very open with the change and excited about the new process. It was great working with a staff that fully embraces this new platform.” – Shelly Rogers

As often in business, timing is everything. Before a concrete conversion date was established, McMann had booked a vacation to Mexico. As luck would have it, it just happened to fall a full week prior to conversion – not a time that anyone would consider opportune. Although attempting to go “off-grid” vendors continued to attempt to contact him via phone and email to get specific data need for the conversion. Before he could respond and without him asking, ESP’s team, including Shelly Rogers, contacted the vendors, relayed that he was on vacation and provided the information they needed. This interaction ensured that when McMann returned his inbox was not filled with vendor requests.

“It showed that ESP is truly a partner for the credit union not just a vendor.” – Kolin McMann

ESP is looking forward to the American Lake CU conversion and the KBR data migration in March 2017. This will complete the full transformation of KBR into American Lake CU. For more information on KBR Credit Union, a branch of American Lake CU, visit their website at https://www.kbrcu.org/.

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