M.E. Employees CU Deploy Email Receipts


M.E. Employees CU Deploy Email Receipts

Spokane Valley, WA – 03/30/2016 – M.E. Employees Credit Union (M.E.) of Wausau, Wisconsin has upgraded their online banking from Enhanced Software Products, Inc. (ESP). This upgraded service will allow M.E. to take full advantage of email receipt functionality for its members.

An email receipt or e-receipt is the process of emailing a receipt instead of printing out a hard copy. Although it has been commonplace in e-commerce for at least 15 years, it is a recent development in point of purchase and banking transactions.

Email receipts have several advantages over traditional printed receipts. They are an eco-friendly alternative – requiring no paper or ink. They are not easily damaged nor do they become faded over time. They cannot become lost or misfiled. They can be forwarded to an accountant while the “original” receipt is retained. As long as credit union members can recall their username and password to their email address they can have access to their receipts anytime, anyplace.

ESP chose to develop an email receipt solution in-house. The Programming Team built this functionality directly into the FORZA core processing platform and is providing this solution free of charge to all its clients.


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