New Client in Oregon!

We are excited to welcome IBEW/SJ Cascade FCU (Salem, OR) to ESP, Inc. this fall. Deploying all of our solutions and opening up partnerships for the credit unions’ success.

“An opportunity to show a new credit union what ESP and FORZA can do for them and their members is something we relish. We are comfortable with our approach, who we are and what we can accomplish for our clients. It is taken to a heightened level when we can serve credit unions in a new state. My Team is excited to expand our presence and fulfill all of the goals and objectives for IBEW/SJ. We have taken our pricing structure and worked it into a doable model for credit unions on the smaller side. Allowing them to compete with solutions like On-line ATM/Debit, all our Imaging Solutions, full Print Services, Web Banking, Audio Response, Bill Pay, etc. Our goal is to provide all credit unions with the opportunity to grow and it is a stance we are steadfast into seeing through. Welcome IBEW/SJ and Team, we are more than happy to invite you to our Family”, Shaun Murray, ESP, Inc.