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ESP Operator Now a CSR

Spokane Valley, WA – September 3rd, 2020 – ESP is proud to announce the cross-promotion of one of our talented team members into Client Services. Tyler Szabo has been with ESP since 2012.

In his new role as a Client Services Representative (CSR), Tyler will provide front line support on the various products and services. He will also manage client relationships through effective communication and provide resolutions to client issues.

Tyler has a wide range of practical expertise from his eight years working in several ESP departments. Szabo first started at ESP in Print Services where he produced millions of pieces of mail including monthly statements, notices, and tax forms. Next, he worked in ESP Operations where he processed transactions with multiple vendors and service providers.

What Tylers brings to Client Services is a deep grasp of the internal workings of ESP including the nuts and bolts of bank transactions, statements, and End-Of-Day processes. His understanding of the types of files and transmissions that our clients perform on a daily basis for their members and for the CU, in general, will be put to great use as a CSR.

Still, his biggest asset is his ability to communicate effectively with both clients and ESP staff. Welcome, Tyler.

Avista Corp. CU Chooses ESP

Spokane Valley, WA – June 17, 2020 – When Avista Corp. Credit Union sought a new core processor they ended up finding the perfect fit in their own backyard.

Avista Corp. Credit Union has been around since 1934 and serves the regular employees, retirees, and family members of the regional energy provider Avista Corporation and its subsidiaries. Their branch is conveniently located in the lobby of Avista headquarters in Spokane, WA. It proudly serves 3,900 members and managing $66,000,000 in assets and positions itself as a stable and progressive credit union in Spokane.

Besides providing great rates on dividends and loans, Avista Corp. Credit Union seeks to serve members by offering the right products, placing those in members’ hands, and never selling them something that they don’t need.

Chris Jentges, Assistant Manager of Avista Corp. Credit Union, was a key member of the discovery team seeking a new core processing provider. Before they sought their first RFP for a new core, he helped the Credit Union carefully craft an outline of goals and values that would dictate the direction of their search process.

“We were looking for a partner that met our core values. That being honesty, integrity, transparency, and doing the right thing. We also wanted a vendor that would have the ability and position to help us grow.”

– Chris Jentges

After a rigorous due diligence process, Avista Corp. Credit Union chose ESP’s FORZA3™ Core platform to serve its 3,900 members.

As the crow flies, ESP sits a mere five miles away from Avista Corp. Credit Union.

“Honestly, proximity was not the deciding quality of why we chose ESP. Even if they were halfway across the country, we’d get the same kind of service. 98% of our decision came because we determined they’re the right partner and 2% because they’re right down the street. It may just be the icing on the cake, but the cake is pretty exciting.”

– Chris Jentges

ESP has been providing core processing services strictly to credit unions for over 24 years. Avista Corp. Credit Union is now the 7th Washington-based credit union on the platform and an exciting addition to a local presence.

Proximity also provided the opportunity for Avista Corp. Credit Union to bring their IT staff in for a “meeting of the minds” with various teams at ESP. Alexander Ray, ESP’s Network Security Engineer, was impressed by their technical aptitude and was challenged by their degree of specificity and concern for information security.

“After meeting with the Credit Union, I went on with renewed focus to implement a number of security measures: the use of a 24x7x365 Security Operations Center in coordination with a more advanced Security Information and Event Management platform, a new Intrusion Detection System, and new controls and procedures to govern our information security program. I’m looking forward to how our partnership evolves and challenges us to improve!”

– Alexander Ray

Avista Corp. Credit Union is on the calendar to convert in the 1st quarter of 2021.

“ESP is part of our staff. They’re part of our family and they care about my members just as much as I do.”

– Chris Jentges

ESP’s President, Shaun Murray, who was integral to the process, stated that everyone at the Avista Corp. Credit Union was an absolute pleasure to work with. He claimed that there is a beautiful balance of playful work atmosphere, attention to planning and business, and a clear focus on the future. He added that their atmosphere and direction mirrors ESP’s objectives.

“I have always enjoyed the sales process with credit unions, and this was no exception. Avista Corp. Credit Union’s process was one that I admired. There was a lot of work on our part but it was well worth it. They properly drafted all partnerships and needs. This allowed those involved in the RFP process to address these areas directly and subsequently provided the Credit Union with exactly what they needed to make a decision. They were transparent, honest, and extremely helpful during the entire process. One more reason, I look forward to going live together in the 1st quarter of 2021. I know it is going to be a perfect partnership.”

– Shaun Murray

New Client in Oregon!

We are excited to welcome IBEW/SJ Cascade FCU (Salem, OR) to ESP, Inc. this fall. Deploying all of our solutions and opening up partnerships for the credit unions’ success.

“An opportunity to show a new credit union what ESP and FORZA can do for them and their members is something we relish. We are comfortable with our approach, who we are and what we can accomplish for our clients. It is taken to a heightened level when we can serve credit unions in a new state. My Team is excited to expand our presence and fulfill all of the goals and objectives for IBEW/SJ. We have taken our pricing structure and worked it into a doable model for credit unions on the smaller side. Allowing them to compete with solutions like On-line ATM/Debit, all our Imaging Solutions, full Print Services, Web Banking, Audio Response, Bill Pay, etc. Our goal is to provide all credit unions with the opportunity to grow and it is a stance we are steadfast into seeing through. Welcome IBEW/SJ and Team, we are more than happy to invite you to our Family”, Shaun Murray, ESP, Inc.

ESP Partners with Tyfone

Spokane Valley, WA – 08/19/2019 – Enhanced Software Products, Inc. (ESP) partners with Tyfone Inc. to provide another option for home and mobile banking to clients.

Tyfone was the brainchild of its three founders: CEO, Dr. Siva G. Narenda; COO, Prabhakar Tadepalli; and chairman, Tom Spitzer. They started Tyfone with the goal of solving a major problem – the balancing of convenience and security in an ever-increasingly digital world. 15 years ago they thought the issue of internet security was incredibly important, and as we all know, it is actually gotten worse today.

Fundamentally, the process of onboarding and authenticating a digital user is not a trivial task – especially without compromising user experience. Digital security is not just a talking point for Tyfone, but an important element of their corporate culture and is built into their Digital Banking product.

Traditionally, the solution to this problem has been to sacrifice convenience for the sake of security. Systems were operated totally on “lockdown” which provided a high level of security but became a pain for actual users to prove their identity. Through its work in the federal government sector, Tyfone has come up with a solution that provides both a high level of security and user access.

Tyfone is genuinely concerned with how the products they create can serve the lives of everyday people. Modern digital banking users are goal-driven, they want to perform specific tasks with their applications and devices, to be done, and move on to the next item on their list. They demand access anytime and anywhere. Josh DeTar, Tyfone’s head of sales and marketing stated: “customers want a beautiful, clean, seamless experience where they can get what they’re looking for and to accomplish their goals.”

At its core, Tyfone believes that a strong collaborative relationship between the technology provider and the credit union is paramount in delivering service that makes sense for that specific credit union and its members. “Everyone builds features, not everyone builds relationships” added DeTar.

Tyfone found their corporate culture of service dovetailed nicely with the culture of credit unions. Through their conversations with numerous credit unions, Tyfone learned the importance of making their application interfaces follow a predictable, logical and easy-to-use workflow. A well-built financial services app empowers users to better manage their money and make better budgetary decisions. With User Experience (UX) as the driver of design, Tyfone seeks to serve their client’s members with solutions that help them achieve their goals. To their credit, Tyfone is currently working with two of the top 10 credit unions in the country to build their digital banking solution.

“Our applications are built for members to quickly identify how to accomplish the tasks that they set out to do. They should be able to easily log in and navigate the app because it feels familiar to all the other cutting-edge tech that they use every day.”

– Josh Detar

One aspect that Tyfone has programmed for is variability in human interaction with their applications. Since every user has a unique perspective on the way things should be done, Tyfone provides different ways of performing the same task. The key is to provide a framework of contextually relevant interactions. For instance, providing the functionality to make a loan payment from the loan balance screen will increase the usefulness and minimize the amount of time needed to complete a task. This same UX design mindset is throughout its digital banking solution.

Tyfone is excited to be partnering with ESP. Sharing a similar passion for providing exceptional customer service the common ground for their mutual admiration.

“At the end of the day, ESP is all about taking care of their customers. I can tell every single person that has dealt with ESP just 30 seconds into the conversation because of their positive interaction with them.”

– Josh Detar

Twyla Morales, “Duchess” of Deployment at ESP, has been a part of the team responsible for implementing the partnership with Tyfone. She was impressed by the strengths of Tyfone’s platform and commitment to customer service.

“Our partnership with Tyfone brings many opportunities for ESP and our clients! They provide a wealth of knowledge in the tech industry, as well as the financial services industry. Tyfone is a definite asset to our portfolio of trusted vendors.”

– Twyla Morales

Several of ESP’s customers are expected to be on Tyfone’s Digital Banking platform by first quarter of 2020.